Oh the places you can go...with a bio degree

A podcast for science undergrads, by science undergrads.

The goal is to introduce undergrads in biology-related programs to the many paths available to them through their degree

Conversations with leaders in a variety of fields

From CEOs of start-ups to medical residents, practicing physicians, professors, venture capitalists managing hundreds of millions of dollars, and more.


Venture Capitals


Synthetic Biology


Health Policy




Bharat Srinivasa
Co-Founder and Principal at Amplitude Ventures
Dr. Chris Raynor
Orthopaedic Surgeon and Serial Entrepreneur
Gaurie Aggarwal
Biomedical Innovation Project Manager at SickKids
Jessica Hider
PhD Candidate in Biological Anthropology
Kate Gardiner
Genetic Counsellor at LifeLabs
Lana Marinovichdiv
Director of Growth and Strategic Partnerships at RBC Healthcare
Matthew Anderson-Baron
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Future Fields
Moufeed Kaddoura
CEO of Kenota Health
Philipp Kolb
MD Candidate at McMaster University
Seper Ekhtiari
Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at McMaster University
Nivatha Balendra
Founder and CEO of Dispersa

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